Wizmage hides images in a way that minimizes the impact on the user's browsing experience.
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WizmagePlus new

WizmagePlus uses artificial intelligence to only mask people in images.
Available as an application for Windows 10 & 11 (64 bit).
It may not be compatible in conjunction with some other filters such as NetFree.
Videos are blocked on unexcluded pages, as Wizmage doesn't have the technology to filter them.
Download WizmagePlus
version 1.3.3 (beta)

Email [email protected] with any inquiries.

Ensure that both the application (from 'Download WizmagePlus' above) and this Chrome extension are installed. One without the other won't work. (The application installer will install the Chrome extension automatically, but it may fail in certain cases.)
If you are unsure if the application is installed, check in Windows Settings -> Apps -> Installed Apps. Or simply install again.